Makeup artist Janine Greff designs sexy and sensational red-carpet makeup looks for people who are not household names and makes them look just as beautiful as the ethereal creatures posing for the paparazzi in Allure and InStyle.

Praised as one of Chicago's top makeup artists and skin care consultants, Greff has received rave reviews for her work at Sephora Michigan Avenue as well as her work on numerous TV segments and photo shoots.

Having worked with more than 30 of the top cosmetic lines, Greff is sought after for her first hand knowledge on all the brands and their products. She knows what works and what works great for all ages.

After two years at Sephora she teamed up with makeup artists Laura Whalen and Sherri Celis and launched her own cosmetic company, Morpho Cosmetics.

Greff chose to start with lip products because "Wearing a great new lip color has always been a foolproof way to transform anyone's attitude. Suddenly you stand a bit straighter, smile more often, and enter a room with a little more confidence." says Greff.

Using her instincts, Greff custom blended lip colors that look great on all skin tones then sought out the best French chemist who delivered exactly the super staying texture she desired.